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First impressions... - Scarlet Letters

May. 23rd, 2008 03:14 pm First impressions...

...are strange wee beasties.

These are some of the fascinating things I have learnt about my new home in Paris in the first few days:
* In a supermarket, you have to weigh fruit and get the price yourself - there are no magic checkout scales. Failure to do so risks incurring scornful looks and aggravated hand-waving.
* A man may knock on your apartment door looking for a chimney. Although the word "cheminée" sounds pretty familiar, preconception can be one's downfall here - whoever heard of a chimney in an apartment?
* The art of patisserie making being extremely advanced in France, one may be asked how well done one would like one's pain au raisin. Certain steak vocabulary can clearly be recycled - I intend to ask for it "blue" next time.

Yes, first impressions are never very deep. My Japanese students used to be greatly disappointed to hear that my first impression of Japan was that "it was very hot". I could have added "like walking through soup", if that would have helped?

Current Location: Paris
Current Mood: confusedwhat is... everything?
Current Music: Shaolin Death Squad

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Date:May 29th, 2008 07:26 pm (UTC)


Hiya, I think it is time for you to write a book. Or at least a magazine article: am I being too sycophantic? maybe! oh well, it is fascinating hearing about another country, I wanna go!! BTW called tonight, but you're out i think. VIcky Siepel